Rianne Vogels
Rianne Vogels
management for hire & startup advice

Management for hire &

startup advice


What can I do for you?

As tech CEO and venture investor, I have been building startups for 17 years

I offer management services, startup advice, board expertise, mentoring, talks and seminars. And an option to get grilled.


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1.   get grilled

Are you preparing to speak at a conference, for negotiations or to raise funds? Is your slide deck ready? Your business plan? Your revenue model? If you are a specialist, are you ready for a wider audience? I can offer a fresh set of eyes and a round of constructive input. Get grilled now so you can impress when it counts.

As an investor, tech manager, and venture contest jury member, I have written and critically reviewed a great many plans and presentations.

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2.   management for hire

To get a startup off the ground, you need people who see the big picture while also getting into the nitty-gritty. An entrepreneurial type who both does and leads.

I thrive when I get to be a motor for initiatives that I believe in.

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3.   startup advice

Stuck on something? Or simply planning ahead?

Business plan - product review, market research - financial models, valuation - funding applications - press releases, reports, presentations - web profile - IPO or M&A prep, due diligence - you tell me.

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4.   board director

The right board can help propel a company in the right direction. Your board should demonstrate a rich set of insights, skills and experience, and act with integrity.

I have served on boards for over a decade, including for biotech company BerGenBio and Sarsia, a seed/VC investment group. I have reported to boards and shareholders as CEO, as venture investor and as CFO. Get in touch if you would like to discuss my availability and suitability.

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5.   personal mentor



We all need a sparring partner. 
Tell me what's up.

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6.   talks & teaching

- Startup management 101
- Pitch your venture
- Network-based startup management
- Financial valuation of startups
- Women in tech
- Business ethics